Friday, May 14, 2010

Dueling Mermaids

Here is one of my newer pieces. I think it would make an interesting beverage label? I will post some more soon!


It just seems to be happening so fast... I will figure this out... Soon?

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sr. Show

I posted some shots of us setting up, so here are some of the reception (Thanks for manning the camera Mom!). Enjoy!
Becky, Whit and I hanging out artist statements before the show.
Refreshments table!
Dustin and I (what a supportive boy friend!)

Mom and I posing for a photo opp. A lot of my family members uses this show to take family pics.
Here is Uncle Hank and Aunt Julia.

Mom, Me, Aunt Tabitha (or Taz)Grandpa and Grandma Gillespie
Mom, Uncle Hank, Aunt Tabitha (or Taz)Grandpa and Grandma Gillespie.

Mom, Dad, Brandon and Mom.

Brandon, Hank, Grandpa Gillespie and me. They wanted someone short to help them compare heights. I'm 5'3 and a half!
Dustin, Sarah Rose, Nick and me. I think I'm explaining my work to them.
Grandma, Grandma Gillespie, an unknown arm, me, Lynne and Rose.
Hannah, Uncle Rick, Dad, Brandon, Harly, Me(and me chins!) and Whit!
Rachel and I!
Grandpa Tommer, Anita, Uncle Rick, Aunt Julie, Me and Lynne.
Uncle Rick, Aunt Julie and Me, I'm directing them to my work.
Jon (a.k.a. Khali), Ashely (Palomino), Me and Mrs. Schick.
Jon (a.k.a. Khali), Ashely (Palomino), Me and Malcom.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Setting Up the Show!


Juan assembling his frame.

Whit assembling her frames.

Becky doing...somethings helpful I'm sure!

Tera helping us out and Whit is ... Striking a pose?

Juan's paintings

A lovely sunset after setting up a lovely show!